Clark County Jail Mugshot of Paul Johnson

A New Carlisle man is in jail today facing numerous charges ranging from criminal damaging to resisting arrest according to Clark County Municipal Court records.

On Thursday, July 20, Mike Milhelm, owner of the Marathon station, reported that someone had damaged signs in front of his business. One sign was broken off at the base of the pole and the second was bent and could not be placed back into the ground.

Milhelm said he had surveillance video and identified Paul Johnson as the perpetrator.

Johnson was located on W. Jefferson St. and admitted that he did the damage. He said he was mad because he was trespassed from the property. He offered to fix the damage, but was advised that Milhelm did not want him on the property. He was charged with Criminal Damaging and ordered into court on Monday, July 24.

On Friday, July 21, deputies were called to the corner of Fenwick and Galewood on the report of a fight. A deputy arrived and found one man as the victim. He was treated by New Carlisle medics for his injuries. The victim and two other witnesses stated that Johnson threw a broken broomstick at the truck belonging to one of the witnesses. He said that Johnson also swung at one of them and threatened to kill them. Johnson then chased the witness, spat in his face and swung the broomstick at him. Johnson was apparently chewing tobacco because the spit struck the victim’s eye and was burning badly.

The victim and the witnesses knew of Johnson from the many social media posts about him. Johnson was located that evening and said that he believed the victim swerved his truck toward him and that is why he threw the stick.

Johnson was charged with two counts of aggravated menacing and one count of assault from this incident.

The next day, a deputy met up with Johnson and asked him about the events of the previous night. When another deputy arrived on the scene, Johnson threw his belonging onto the street and assumed a threatening posture. A deputy drew his taser and Johnson stood down and agreed to talk.

Johnson then became verbally combative and began to scream in the deputy’s face. Some of his chewing tobacco spit struck the deputy. The deputy tried to get Johnson into his cruiser, but he resisted and was pushed into the back seat.

On the way to the Clark County Jail, Johnson made comments about throwing a stick at the victim and spit in his eye. He also made comments about putting the deputy in the ground.

Once at the jail, he mouthed off to the deputies and refused to obey orders. He was finally placed in a cell and was charged with resisting arrest.

He pleaded innocent to all of his charges and bond was set at $2,000.

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