Anyone who paid attention to the OJ Simpson trial may already know the difference between a civil and criminal trial. OJ was tried in California State

Having ended last month with cookie recipes, I passed the idea of more cookie recipes by a friend, questioning whether I might be overdoing it with

Many of us like to make our purchases from stores that sell products that are produced locally whether it’s furniture, produce for the table or plants

NASA has worked on clean air studies that were published in the late 1980’s, which researched ways to clean air in space stations. As well as

Mice, voles and other rodents can cause damage to plants when the winter weather is particularly severe. Now is the time to prepare prevention. Snow

A special cookbook lay on the desk. It’s always the same. About this time of autumn, I think of Mom and her home and last remnants of garden and

I was always told police officers die within a few years of retirement. That is why the retirement system had 25 years and out. The State Patrol

On November 7, 2017, the Clark County Historical Society is asking Clark County voters to approve a new five-year 0.3 mil property tax for operational

I want to bring about facts and misconceptions of Issue 4, Income Tax credits for New Carlisle. It is very simple it will hurt the city in two years

Throughout my law enforcement career I have witnessed society take the liberal approach to dealing with drugs of abuse by slowly reducing the penalty

NOW’s The Time For Working On Your LawnRight along with fall being the best time to plant trees and shrubs it is also the best time to renovate your

August, 2017 Modern Moons There is only one thing everyone is talking about this month: the total solar eclipse due on August 21. It will be the first


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