Dayton Bomb Squad responded to Springfield PD regarding “Military-type chemicals” on Tuesday evening. ANDY GRIMM | PHOTO

Residents in the City of Springfield were alarmed to see the Dayton Bomb Squad in front of the Springfield Police Division Headquarters as multiple response vehicles shut down Fountain Avenue for over an hour on Tuesday night

Initial reports indicated the call was regarding a suspicious package found inside, but the Springfield Police Division says that there is “nothing to fear.”

According to Sgt. Doug Pergram with the Springfield Police Division (SPD), a resident had previously set up an arrangement to drop items off at Springfield PD.  The man arrived around 1:30pm to deliver the materials which he did not know how to properly dispose of. SPD accepted the items. However; upon investigation of the contents, the Department immediately called for assistance from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB).

“We looked and saw Military-type chemicals” said Sgt. Pergram. “We immediately contacted WPAFB for their recommendation since we don't deal with this stuff everyday. We wanted to take all of the necessary precautions.”

Sgt. Pergram said that WPAFB coordinated the effort and dispatched the Dayton Bomb Squad.

“The bomb squad safely removed all items. They blew up one item up last night, and securely packaged the remaining items for proper disposal” said Sgt. Pergram.

Pergram stresses the point that no one was in any danger during the incident, and law enforcement was well aware of the gentleman dropping the package off.

No one was injured during the incident.

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