Cheryl Berry & Carolyn Shuirr from the Clark County Board of Elections hand count ballots from New Carlisle precincts on Thursday, November 30.

The Clark County Board of Elections is conducting a recount of votes for the New Carlisle City Council race.

Preliminary figures released election night showed Chris Shamy beating out Ronald Cobb by 6 votes. Once provisional ballots were counted, Cobb was ahead of Shamy by one vote.

The recount began at 10:00 Thursday morning (November 30).

After two counts of one precinct, the recount figures differed from previous figures. In a third count, the undervote was off.

Since the Board cannot confirm the previous vote totals, State Law requires the Board of Elections to hand count each ballot cast for the City Council race.

“This is proof that every vote counts,” said Board of Elections Director Jason Baker.

The Board has taken time out for lunch and will reconvene at 2:00 p.m.

We will keep you up to date on their progress.

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