The Township Trustees for Bethel Township gathered on this Valentine’s evening to discuss matters pertinent to the township in the near future.

The new Medic unit that has been eagerly awaited was delivered to the Bethel Township Fire Department. Captain Mya Mitchell, who was in attendance this evening, told those gathered that the new unit “had not been striped” and was still it’s new cherry red color. When asked, Captain Mitchell explained that the Fire Department planned to make the new unit “the primary medic unit”. Mitchell hoped that the new unit would be up and running for service in less than a month.

Cap. Mitchell also told that the new Medic unit has an auto loading system, which allows the passenger to be loaded into the back of the ambulance by a power mechanism which will raise and lower at the back of the unit. She also told of new power cots, which will raise and lower automatically, that accompany the new ambulance.

Four new personnel were hired to the Paid for Call Program for the Bethel Township Fire Department, effective February 14, 2017. Two of the four personnel that were sworn in were Logan Elam-Crosley and Stetson Peake. There were two other new hires that were not in attendance: Nathan McClure and Benjamin Graham.

The Trustees, in a unanimous decision, moved to have James Risner III terminated effective immediately based on the evidence that was given to them by the Bethel Township Fire Department.

The repairs needed to the entrance way of the Lion’s Den on Gerlaugh Rd., which included gutters and downspouts, was motioned to be started this evening by Nancy Brown. The total cost of repairs would equal $450.00. The bid was by the Mead Home Improvements company.

More specific details about the project on State Route 235 were given at this evenings meeting. Construction is to begin in early Spring, and will only take one construction season. The complete project is set to be completed by the Fall.

The road itself it not being widened or changed in any way. Trustees said that two safety crosswalks were going to be added to help reduce the amount of traffic deaths, with one being at the intersection of Hocker and Dalton, and the other crosswalk at Hartley Road.

There is to be a new sidewalk added on the west side of St. Rt. 235. A new multiuse path is to be on the east side. The multiuse path will consist of a bike path as well as a walking path and will only be a few inches wider than the sidewalk, and will stretch from Dille Road to Dalton, if not all the way to Gerlaugh Road.

A new traffic light will be added in front of the McDonalds on St. Rt. 235, as well as street lights that will line the west side.

It was announced again about the plan for an Emergency Preparedness Day for the Township, set for April 1 at the Lion’s Den. More details to be announced in the future.

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