The Clark County Dog Warden removed five puppies from Pawsitive Warriors Rescue of New Carlisle on Tuesday, April 10. ANDY GRIMM | PHOTO

According to the Clark County Dog Warden, five puppies were “illegally taken” from a home on Weinland Street Saturday night.

Michael Cox, a former vet tech and volunteer at Pawsitive Warriors, admits to taking the puppies but claims it was due to “one puppy actively seizing.” He then called the Dog Warden and the Sheriff’s Department to seek veterinarian care for the animals.

Cox withheld the fact that he had already taken the puppies from the licensed owner.

“(The Sheriff’s Department) told me there’s nothing they could do for me because at that moment, I technically had ownership of them and I would be held responsible for them.” Cox then took them to Pawsitive Warriors Rescue of New Carlisle.

The rescue’s owner, Molly Murray, stated on social media that “we were immediately in rescue mode with (the puppies) and set to work. Once stabilized, I went to the home to discuss the situation with the owner.” Murray stated again that she went to the house on Weinland that night to have the paperwork filled out after she received the puppies and “immediately involved police.”

The Clark County Dog Warden stated that “we were told when we seized (the puppies) that when they did finally see the Vet on Monday, the Veterinarian said that they were fine with no issues.”

“If (Cox) had called prior to taking the puppies, we would have immediately investigated the situation.”

The Clark County Sheriff’s Department would not comment on the events that occurred at the Weinland St. address as it is still an active investigation.  

The Clark County Dog Warden will maintain possession of the puppies until their investigation is completed.

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