The City will be providing free leaf pick-up this fall. Please follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Rake all leaves into the street two feet from the curb to allow for drainage.
  • No foreign materials such as rocks, brush, branches, or garden materials. These materials may cause mechanical problems to the leaf machine.
  • Avoid parking on the street during collection weeks. Cars parked on dry leaves may cause fires.
  • Place leaves on the street one week prior to the scheduled pick-up date for your area.

There will be two collection dates for the areas shown. Leaves on the street or curb lawn after the 2nd collection time are the responsibility of the home owner to dispose of.

Area 1st Collection 2nd Collection

(A) Northwest The Week of October 24th The Week of November 21st

(B) Southwest The Week of October 31st The Week of November 28th

(C) Northeast The Week of November 7th The Week of December 5th

(D) Southeast The Week of November 14th The Week of December 12th

The following alternatives are available for leaf disposal.

  • The City has established a leaf drop off point behind the building at 600 West Madison St. Residents may drop off leaves until December 27th.
  • Waste Management, our refuse collector, will pick-up leaves that are placed in the trash toter on the regular scheduled trash day. The leaves must be out at the curb for your normal trash pick-up time. Leaves in all other plastic bags will not be accepted. Do not use Recycling toter for leaves.
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