Orange cones everywhere. Lane changes from left to right and back again. Questions as to where to turn to get to where you’re going. A stretch of

This is the time of the year when some of the problems with our plantings are noticed. Some of our vegetables and a few of our flowers begin to show

Apparently when the State of Ohio Congress rewrote the laws of Ohio and calling it The Ohio Revised Code in 1974 they left in chapter 3761, dealing

It always seems to sneak up on us. Clark County Fair dates are July 21-28, 2017. This year’s theme is “70th Fair...Our Legacy Lives On...The Best Is

This past winter was not severe but there was still some damage to plants in our landscapes. Some plants have experienced damage to the top portion of

Deputies responded to Flora Ave. for a report of a dog bite shortly before 4pm on Monday, April 17. The initial call was for female with “lacerations

The news came on today concerning the search of the now infamous Facebook Killer. The reporter was giving information about the man in Cleveland, Ohio

Most gardeners are hard at it with flower beds all cleaned up, (aren’t they?, I’m sure you are) the pre-emergence weed control, Preen or something

Two weeks ago, a friend of our family gave us a bag of mushrooms. He has an old apple orchard, a prime spot for all things wild. Deer, mice, flowers

This historic building built in 1860 has a new lease on life. We’re merging with Day View. The building will be known as Van Crest of New Carlisle.

The “AT HOME” columns, carried in the New Carlisle News, that are written by Connie Moore are always so very good. I have never met Connie but have

According to Webster’s Dictionary there are five definitions of what it means to be transparent and the fifth describes what I am writing, ”without


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