A black and white cover shows two hands carving a turkey. The title of the 33-page, government issued booklet is Poultry Cooking. Issued in the year

As crispy, cool air moves in for October nights, a shuffling sound creeps over yards, squeezing through fences and ending in our backyard. Nighttime

This is about the time we normally get our first killing frost. Is your yard ready, is there anything we should be doing to be ready for the first

Back in the 1970’s police officers went to the Police Academy then went on the street. An experienced officer may have tagged along with you but when

Could It Be Yours, Too? There are a couple of bugs that are becoming a real pest again this Fall in some areas. They are looking for a nice warm, dry

Things are not always easy. Life has it’s share of unpredictables, throwing us into situations that we are not always prepared for, expecting more

Lo and Behold! I found something that hasn’t been Googlized. You are surprised? So was I. It’s true, I have succumbed to the universal notion that

Modern Moons There is an old saying: The south wind warms the aged. October is a blending month of northern cold air with southern warm breezes. The

To the Editor, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Heritage of Flight committee, the City of New Carlisle and all of its residents for

Most people seem to be busier than ever. They always have something to do or some place to go. It is possible to become so involved in the details of

Now that we have had refreshing rains, perfect soil conditions for planting and cooler temperatures it is time to plant some beautiful additions to

It has been a summer of experiments. As noted in two of this month’s columns, we have been working on mastering salt rising bread and we are happy to

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