Bethel Twp (Miami)

Saturday 8/5

8:28 p.m. Disturbance reported at Sunshine MHP, 6205 US Route 40. Deputy responded on a disturbance, after further investigation it was found the individuals were arguing with someone on the phone. All individuals involved were warned for disorderly conduct.

11:44 p.m. Traffic stop for a moving violation in the area of Pisgah Road and E. State Route 571. At the conclusion of the stop the driver was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Monday 8/7

3:17 p.m. Theft not in progress reported at A and R Reck MHP, 4220 US Route 40. RP called to report a theft, case pending further investigation.

Tuesday 8/8

8:31 a.m. Animal complaint in the area of Tipp Elizabeth Road and S. State Route 201.

Wednesday 8/9

4:06 a.m. Assist Huber Heights Police Department in the 4100 block of Scarff Road. Dispatched advised that Huber Heights PD was pursuing a vehicle eastbound on State Route 571. A few minutes later, dispatch advised that the vehicle crashed in the 4100 block of Scarff Road and a Huber officer was chasing the driver on foot. Deputy arrived on scene and was advised that Huber PD now had both occupants of the vehicle in custody. Deputy assisted Huber Heights PD at the scene and completed an accident report for the vehicle involved.

10:37 a.m. Civil dispute in the 8700 block of Heilman Drive.

2:29 p.m. Telephone harassment reported at A and R Reck MHP, 4220 US Route 40. All involved parties were advised to block their social media accounts and were warned for telecommunication harassment.

Thursday 8/10

10:25 a.m. Traffic stop in the area of State Route 571 and Dayton Brandt Road. Driver was issued a citation for driving under suspension and stop sign violation. The vehicle was picked up by a valid driver.

Friday 8/11

1:49 p.m. Civil complaint in the 7100 block of US Route 40. RP stated there were multiple trailers on his property that belonged to his neighbor and the neighbor was refusing to move them. RP said he had notified his neighbor that the trailers needed to be moved; if not, they would be towed. RP requested a report be completed to document he notified law enforcement. This case is closed as this is a civil matter.

3:19 p.m. Trespassing complaint at A and R Reck MHP, 4220 US Route 40. RP called and advised a male friend came to her residence several days ago to help take care of her children while their father was in jail. She stated he has been verbally abusive and he will not leave. She requested that he be trespassed from her residence. Deputy spoke with the male who advised he was packing his property and was leaving. Deputy advised the male that the female no longer wanted him there and he was trespassed from the residence. Male advised he understood and the deputy transported him to Huber Heights. Deputy was not able to relocate the female after returning to the area. Dispatch attempted to contact her via phone but received voicemail.

3:47 p.m. Civil dispute in the 7000 block of US Route 40. Deputy responded to a report of verbal disturbance. After speaking with all involved parties, it was determined to be a civil matter over land and property lines. All parties were advised to keep peace between one another and contact their lawyers.

6:49 p.m. Warrant arrest at Big Mikes BP, 8561 S. State Route 201. Deputy was on route patrol when he observed a vehicle pull into Big Mike’s gas station. Running the license plate, it was found the registered owner had an out of county warrant. Deputy confirmed the registered owner was operating the vehicle and approached the vehicle. Contact was made with David Mouser who was placed into custody. A search of the vehicle was conducted in the area Mouser was sitting and a bottle of Suboxone was located in the driver door. Mouser was transported to the Miami County Jail and evidence booked in the Miami County Sheriff Office evidence locker.

7:30 p.m. Trespassing complaint in the 6900 S. State Route 201. Complainant advised the god father of his ex-wife’s children showed up at the residence. The male wanted to talk about child custody and grandparents being able to see the children. The male was not on scene at the time of the deputy’s arrival but was later trespassed from the residence.