Bethel & Pike Township Sheriff Reports

Sunday 9/25

5:41 p.m. To Revere Dr. for a report of a possible domestic dispute. A woman and her ex-boyfriend said that they had been arguing. The woman said she was at the residence collecting her belongings because she was moving out. She said she got mad and broke a coffee table causing cuts to her hands. Both agreed that the argument did not turn physical.

6:51 p.m. To Lower Valley Pike for a report of a neighbor dispute. A man reported that his neighbor was dumping bricks along the embankment on his property. He showed the tracks from a skid loader that could be seen at the dump point. The dump was bricks and cement blocks from a fireplace that the neighbor was tearing down. He wanted the deputy to speak to the neighbor about it. The deputy did so, and the neighbor said that he was trying to help the RP fortify his embankment, and he had seen the RP do it before. He said he did dump the bricks but never asked for permission. He said he would go pick up the bricks if the RP wanted him to. The RP said that was OK and did not wish to press charges.

8:05 p.m. To Orth Dr. for a report of a possible drug overdose. The deputy arrived to see two known drug users leave the residence. They said they heard someone yelling for help and came to see if everything was OK. They did not stay to give a statement because they had to get back home to their daughter. The deputy entered the residence and saw a white male sitting on the couch unresponsive. He administered two doses of Narcan and he became responsive. He said that he snorted “a little bit” of heroin, but did not say how much “a little bit” was. He said he couldn’t remember anything and didn’t know where he got the heroin. The reporting party said that she arrived home and the two neighbors were there. She said they and the victim went into the kitchen and did something, but she was not sure what they did. Shortly after that, the victim was sitting on the couch going in and out of consciousness. She said she tried for 15 minutes to wake him up but couldn’t. The neighbors said they took him to the bathtub to wake him up, and when that didn’t work they said they had to leave. The victim was transported to Springfield Regional Medical Center by New Carlisle Medics.

8:35 p.m. To N. Main St. for a report of a theft. A store employee said a woman told her that a female subject left the store with a cart of unbagged items. She said she reviewed surveillance video and saw a woman in a green dress walking out of the store with a full cart. She said the only things she could identify from the video was a pack of toilet paper, canned soda and cat litter. She said the subject loaded the stolen items into a dark blue Dodge Caravan. She was able to get a license number. Dispatch called the registered owner and she said her daughter-in-law had her vehicle at that time. She said she had called to report that her daughter-in-law had not returned the vehicle. Attempts to reach the daughter-in-law were not successful. Warrants were issued against the daughter-in-law, Valerie Funderburg, of W. National Rd., for theft.

9:38 p.m. To Brubaker Dr. for a report of an assault. A man, who was bleeding from his hands and his shin, said that his son has been doing construction work with him over the past two weeks and they had been arguing during a job they did today. He said that he was mad because his parents had set his belongings outside because they didn’t want him staying there any more because of his anger issues. He said that when he saw his things outside, he grabbed a hunting knife with a 6” blade and threatened to slash his dad’s tires. He said the son came onto the porch and began yelling at him saying he wanted paid for the work he did today. He said his son pushed him to the ground and began punching him in the head. The RP’s wife heard the commotion and came to the door and saw the son assaulting the father. She said she could not get out to help her husband because the son had him pushed against the screen door. The son left when he heard deputies were called. A warrant was issued against the son, Jamison Pace of Dayton, for one count of assault and one count of domestic violence.

Monday 9/26

12:54 p.m. To Kennedy Dr. A woman reported that she has been receiving messages from her ex-boyfriend with whom she had a child. She said she opened one of them and it went to his Facebook account. She said she saw where he was looking to buy a gun. She said that she is worried about her and her child’s well-being. She said he is on felony probation for domestic violence and has made threats against her over the phone. She wanted the incident documented in case he tries to get visitation or custody.

3:22 p.m. To Dahlia Rd. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A man said that his wife had been drinking today. He said that he tried to leave to avoid an argument when she grabbed his arm and started yelling at him. He said his adult daughter told her mother to leave him alone and then the mother grabbed the daughter’s arm. The mother said nothing happened, but didn’t seem to understand what the deputies were saying to her. She said she drank half of a bottle of vodka and just wanted to go to bed. She was advised that she was not allowed to put her hands on her husband or daughter or she might be arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail. She started crying and said she didn’t want to go to jail. The husband left for the evening to avoid any further conflict. No charges were filed.

4:36 p.m. To Portland Ave. for a report of found property. A man reported that his grandson had some friends over. He said that the parents of one of the friends, a female, barged into the home looking for their daughter. They said that she had run away from home. He said he told them that if he knew that she had run away, he would not have allowed her in the home. He said he wanted the parents charged for barging into his home. He said that later on his son received a text from the girl wanting her phone back, saying that it had “bad pics” of her. The message also said “if you see them or have that phone, you will be charged with child porn.” He said the phone was not unlocked because they don’t have the password. The phone was collected by the deputy.

4:45 p.m. To Greenheart Dr. for a report of identity fraud. A man reported that he received a call from a computer software company who told him that someone opened a credit card in his name and made a purchase of computer parts. He said they would not give any more information, but would give it to police. He said the representative told him they would cancel the order and put a 90-day freeze on his card.

6:47 p.m. To N. Main St. for a report of a found item. A woman reported finding a decorative rock outside the building. It was submitted into property.

8:09 p.m. To Rawson Dr. for a report of a theft. A man reported that he had borrowed a gun from his brother, and when he came home from work today it was missing. He said he suspects his son and daughter. The daughter said that she was at the home for a short period and had nothing to do with the stolen gun. The son said he was gone most of the day. They were advised that they are suspects.

9:00 p.m. Traffic stop on Lower Valley Pike near Spangler Rd. As the deputy approached the vehicle, he could smell marijuana. The driver had passed the deputy without dimming his lights, and he said his low beam lights were dim. He spoke very slowly and had to think about simple questions. He also had dilated pupils and bloodshot eyes. A search of the vehicle yielded a marijuana shake. The driver failed several field sobriety tests and was charged with OVI. His passengers were in no better condition than he was, so the vehicle was parked. The driver was taken to the Clark County Jail where he was charged with OVI and failure to dim.

11:32 p.m. To Tulip Rd. for a report of a possible drug incident. A man reported that his 13-year-old daughter was at a gathering with some friends and had eaten some cupcakes. Afterward, a male said that he had put marijuana in the cupcakes. The daughter said she didn’t know if his statement was true or not, but decided to let her father know. The man said he wanted a report on file because his daughter is on probation and has to check in with her probation officer from time to time. He said if marijuana shows up in her system, he wants this incident on file.

Tuesday 9/27

5:45 p.m. To the 3000 block of Spangler Rd. for a report of an accident. One vehicle had rear-ended another that was stopped for traffic. Both drivers had exchanged information and left the scene. Once home, both called to file a crash report.

10:29 p.m. To Alpha Rd. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A man reported that he and his fiancée had been drinking throughout the evening. He said that she had too much to drink and the two began to argue. He said he locked her out of the home, and she began knocking on windows and pounded on the front door. When he wouldn’t open the door, she began pounding on the picture window and broke it. She cut her thumb and it was bleeding. EMS arrived on scene and advised that she needed to be transported to the hospital for stitches.

Wednesday 9/28

1:10 a.m. To Styer Dr. A man reported that his ex-girlfriend has been texting him and driving by his home and yelling. He has asked her several times to stop, yet it continues. He asked if the deputy could contact her but could not provide any contact information. He was given information on obtaining a protection order.

10:34 a.m. To West Dr. A woman reported she saw comments on Facebook from her ex-boyfriend calling her a snitch. She said she believes there will be recourse from his friends against her. She said she has a protection order against him.

Thursday 9/29

7:23 p.m. To Oaklawn Ave. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A man reported that he and his brother were arguing but never fought. The brother also said that the altercation was only verbal. He said the argument was over the RP calling him an unfit father. Both parties reported that there is family turmoil at this time, and neither wished to press charges.

9:10 p.m. To N. Scott St. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A woman reported that her daughter came by to bring medicine for her son. She said that the daughter became upset and chest-bumped her. She said she believed her daughter was going to strike her. She said that her daughter took her phone from her and kept her from calling 911. The woman was upset that her daughter was going to be arrested and only wanted the incident documented to scare her. The Sergeant was very adamant with her that she go through with the charges because these events are only going to get worse. She agreed that they are getting worse and the child doesn’t need to be subjected to the yelling and screaming. The daughter said that her mother was yelling and screaming and ran her and her son out of the home. She said she was pushed, but had no marks on her body. She was advised that she was being arrested because her mother believed that she might be subject to physical harm. She said that her mother should be charged for pushing her. She was taken to the Clark County Jail and was extremely cooperative and polite during the experience.

Friday 9/30

10:53 a.m. To Brubaker Dr. A woman reported that she received a letter from a man against whom her boyfriend was set to testify against in court. The note had a copy of the suspect’s affidavit, and next to the victim’s name was written “he testifies, he dies.” The victim said that he now believes his life is in danger, and he was advised on how to get a protection order. The Sergeant was to contact the Prosecutor’s office to see if there was enough evidence to charge the suspect with intimidation of a witness.

1:56 p.m. To Kennison Ave. for a report of a bad check. Three weeks ago, the deputy spoke with a woman about a bad check that was written to her. She was advised to send a certified letter giving the writer 10 days to make good on the check. She called back today to report that the letter was returned after the Postal Service made three attempts to deliver it. She said she does not have a good phone number for the writer. Dispatch checked and had the same address that the letter was sent to.

5:37 p.m. To S. Dayton-Lakeview Rd. for a report of a theft. A store employee said a man stole about $300 worth of merchandise and left in a U-Haul truck. She showed the deputy the surveillance video which showed the man taking merchandise and leaving without paying. Deputies were unable to locate the truck.

6:00 p.m. To Farmers Dr. for a report of a lost or stolen firearm. A man reported that he has been looking for it for two weeks and hasn’t been able to locate it. He said he last saw it 5 or 6 months ago. He said that there was no unusual activity at his home during that time, so he believes he misplaced it.

6:36 p.m. Traffic stop on Osborn Rd. near Lower Valley Pike. The driver said he had no license and gave his name. The deputy had the driver step out and patted him down for weapons. The driver had a wallet in his pocket and the deputy asked to see it. The name on his state ID was different than the name the driver gave. He said he gave a false name because he didn’t have a license. The driver was fidgety and had bloodshot eyes and sniffed periodically. The vehicle was checked and the deputy found a baggie used for drugs and an empty beer under the driver’s seat. Dispatch confirmed that the driver had 38 suspensions. He was taken to the New Carlisle substation for a urine test. He was cited for habitual alcoholic suspension, lanes of travel, OVI and a non-compliance suspension.

Saturday 10/1

12:22 a.m. To Edgewick Dr. for a report of a suspicious individual. A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend was in her back yard looking through her windows. There have been ongoing issues between the two for the past few weeks. She was given information on obtaining a protection order. The deputy was to contact the boyfriend to tell him to leave the woman alone.

4:15 p.m. To Styer Dr. for a report of vandalism. A man reported that his vehicle was vandalized. He said that he was trying to start his car but the ignition cylinder was not working properly. Other vehicles in the area were vandalized. He said he had items in his vehicle that would have been worth stealing, but they were left untouched.

4:30 p.m. To Styer Dr. for a report of vandalism. A man reported that someone vandalized the ignition cylinder of his vehicle. He said he searched the vehicle and could not find anything missing. He said that he had left his vehicle unlocked. There are no suspects.

8:19 p.m. To Kennedy Dr. for a report of a possible burglary. Deputies arrived to find a man outside yelling at the RP inside. A deputy spoke with the man and learned that he owns the home. He said he came to get his keys to a truck that was moved by the RP. The RP said that she was nearly run over by the man’s vehicle, and said that the home is hers, but the story changed to the man owning the home and being the bill payer. She was very erratic and could not understand that the deputies could not remove the man from his home. The man agreed to leave for the evening.

11:45 p.m. To New Carlisle-St. Paris Rd. for a report of a possible burglary. A man reported that someone tampered with the back door of his home. He said when he got home he couldn’t get in the door. He said that someone had put an extra shim in the door to keep him from getting in. He believes the landlord did it. He said that there is an ongoing civil issue with the landlord and an eviction process has been put into motion. The deputy checked the door and found that it had not been tampered with. The RP said that someone is coming in his residence, so if something is damaged, it is the landlord’s fault. The RP then said he has PTSD from being overseas fighting for our country and that he will shoot someone if they try to come in. He also mumbled something about 2nd amendment rights.

Bethel Township (Miami Co.) Sheriff Reports

Sunday 10/2

00:58 a.m. S. State Route 201 and Singer Road

1:03 a.m. US Route 40 and Palmer Road

1:24 a.m. E. State Route 571 and S. State Route 201

1:28 a.m. S. Dayton Brandt Road and E. State Route 571. Vehicle was stopped for a speeding violation. K9 Bear was walked around the car and a search was conducted finding marijuana. The driver, Tyler Montoya, was cited for speeding and drug possession.

9:13 p.m. Disturbance reported at A and R Reck MHP, 4200 S. State Route 40. RP said neighbors were arguing loudly and had kicked two males out of the trailer. Both men had been brought to the location to work but were kicked out this day after working for a month without pay. Both men stated they were heading back to Dallas the next morning.

Wednesday 10/5

00:36 a.m. Traffic stop in the area of Brandt Pike and S. State Route 201. Deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for registration violation. The vehicle continued for a distance without pulling over. Just as the vehicle was entering Huber Heights on St. Rt. 202 the vehicle stopped and the male driver exited the vehicle running. A female remained inside the vehicle. The deputy chased after the subject on foot observing the subject jump into a retention pond. The deputy ordered the subject out of the pond and the subject complied stating he had ran because he had an outstanding warrant. An off-duty Dayton police officer stopped and assisted the deputy taking the subject into custody. The female subject remained inside the vehicle which smelled of marijuana. The male subject was identified as Joseph M. Jackson, age 37, of Dayton. An arrest warrant was confirmed on Jackson for failure to appear on a theft charge out of Miami County Municipal Court. Located inside the vehicle deputies found suspected cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, hashish, Xanax tablets, diazepam tablets, and marijuana. Jackson was subsequently incarcerated into the Miami County jail for multiple counts of possession of narcotics, driving under suspension, and other traffic infractions along with the warrant. The female subject was released.

Thursday 10/6

11:28 a.m. Theft not in progress in the 4700 block of Scarff Road. RP reported theft of prescription medication and money from the residence.