Bethel & Pike Township

Sunday 9/11

1:19 p.m. To Orth Dr. for a report of a burglary. A man reported that over the last four years, he has noticed household items missing. He believes his neighbor might be getting into his apartment and thinks she has a key. He also said he has in-home health care but does not know the name of the company. He asked that the deputy search the neighbor’s apartment. The neighbor said she has not spoken with the RP for about a year. She gave permission to search her apartment, but none of the items reported as stolen were found.

3:38 p.m. To Gerlaugh Rd. for a report of a hit-skip crash. A woman reported that overnight someone struck her vehicle. She said that a vehicle parked next to her had front passenger side damage. She said she started taking pictures of the vehicle and her neighbor came out, got in the vehicle and left. She said the neighbor drives three different vehicles and has people in and out all of the time. She was advised to call back if the vehicle returned.

4:45 p.m. To Oaklawn Ave. for a report of a hit-skip crash. A woman reported that someone struck her son’s vehicle while it was parked on their front lawn. There are no suspects.

11:09 p.m. To S. Dayton-Lakeview Rd. for a report of a suspicious male. A woman reported that about a week ago she saw a man hanging around a store. She said she bought him some cigarettes because he seemed like he was down on his luck. She said that since then he has followed her to different places and this has made her uncomfortable. She said that he found out where she lived and came by and knocked on the door. She said she is concerned about his behavior. She was advised to call back if he returned. Later that night she called back and said he was at her door. The deputy arrived and the man said he was there to visit a friend. He was advised that the woman does not want him there and he had to leave the area or he would be charged. He became upset but finally left the area.

Monday 9/12

8:36 a.m. To Spinning Rd. for a report of found property. A woman reported finding a wallet on her driveway. It was placed into property.

10:32 a.m. To W. National Rd. for a report of vandalism. A man reported that at about 9:00 he was sitting in his living room when he heard a loud crashing noise. He said when he went to work he found that his trash can had been vandalized. He said he called his refuse company and they requested a report.

12:00 p.m. To Union Rd. and Lower Valley Pike for a report of an accident. A driver southbound on Union Rd. was stopped at the stop sign at Lower Valley Pike, but started through the intersection and struck a vehicle eastbound on Lower Valley. He was charged with failure to yield right-of-way.

5:30 p.m. A deputy was flagged down by an employee of the Marathon Station to report that he has six Ohio ID cards and 2 credit cards that have been left at the store over the past month. He said he didn’t know what to do with them. The deputy took them and advised the owner if anyone came looking for them, to call the Sheriff’s office. The deputy was only able to return one of the ID cards. The rest were submitted into property.

Wednesday 9/14

1:21 a.m. To Cloverleaf Dr. for a report of an assault. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with a man and a woman, both of whom were intoxicated. The man was bleeding from his nose and said the woman hit him. The woman admitted to hitting him. They both stated that they were hanging out and drinking. The man said the woman became upset, got his keys, jumped in his vehicle and ran it into the front yard. He said she then threw his keys over the house so he couldn’t find them. The woman said the man tried to take her purse and the keys to her vehicle. She said when she would not let him, he became upset and wanted to fight her. The woman was arrested for assault and while being handcuffed, she began threatening the man. She said that she would be coming back to “get him” and that she would be bringing her “boys.” At the jail, the woman again made several threats about going back and getting the man.

2:54 p.m. To S. Dayton-Lakeview Rd. for a report of a theft. A store employee reported that a man and a woman came into the store. She said the woman was moving merchandise around and put some items into her purse. She said the woman is a frequent customer and that she tried to stall the woman until the deputy arrived. She said the woman was getting aggravated and used a stern voice. She then made a small purchase and left without the merchandise she paid for. The employee said that the couple left in a silver Honda. At about 6:33 p.m., the deputy saw a silver Honda parked in the Woodbury Rd. apartments lot. There was a man in the driver’s seat and a woman in the passenger seat. The plate number matched the number of the Honda involved in the theft. Both occupants were passed out. The deputy knocked on the window and the man woke up. The deputy explained why he was there and the man said that he was at work all day and the Honda was parked in the apartment lot. The female passenger was advised of the description of the female suspect and she said it sounds like another apartment resident. The deputy went to the suspect’s apartment, but she was not there. The owner of the Honda said that no one had permission to use his vehicle. At 7:27, the deputy was dispatched to the Woodbury Apartments on a report that the suspect was home. He knocked on the door and a woman answered. She said that the suspect was not there “that she was aware of.” She gave permission to search the apartment. The deputy came upon a back bedroom door that was locked. He knocked and said to unlock the door. After a minute, the suspect’s 12-year-old son opened the door. He said his mother was not in the room. There were piles of clothes throughout the room, and the suspect was found under one of those piles. She said that she was at the store earlier today but did not steal anything. She was arrested for theft and ordered into court.

Thursday 9/15

5:37 p.m. To Galewood Dr. for a report of a violation of a protection order. A man reported that his estranged wife, against whom he has a protection order, has been sending text messages through their daughter. He said that one of the messages said “tell your daddy to tell his lawyer all about it.” Pictures were taken of the text messages and a warrant will be issued against the wife for violating the protection order.

11:32 p.m. To Gerlaugh Rd. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A woman reported that she and her husband went to the Fraize to see a concert and were arguing all the way home. She said the arguing continued when they arrived home. The husband took the dogs for a walk to avoid any further arguing. The woman was intoxicated and was transported to her son’s home to avoid any further arguing.

Friday 9/16

5:52 p.m. To Galewood Dr. for a report of a burglary. A man reported that on Wednesday, he noticed that his shotgun had been stolen. He said that his daughter is on a drug binge and believes that she came in and took it while he was away. He said a neighbor saw her at the residence Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. and was with a white male. He said he had his 5-year-old grandson that day, and the boy said that his mom had a “big black gun that they were going to get rid of.” The neighbor said that the daughter got out of a silver vehicle, knocked on the door then went inside. He was unsure if she removed anything. The shotgun was entered as stolen.

9:05 p.m. To Mark Dr. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A man who answered the door said that he and his wife were verbally arguing. Attempts to reach the wife on the husband’s phone were unsuccessful. The deputy called from another phone and the wife verified that she was OK. She said she has blocked calls from her husband because “she can’t take his mouth right now.” She also agreed that the argument was only verbal.

Saturday 9/17

9:07 a.m. To Tulip Rd. for a report of phone harassment. A man reported that a male friend threatened to shoot him in the head. He said that the friend was upset because he posted on Facebook that the friend only calls him when he wants something. He said he used to sell drugs and would sell weed to the friend, but he is over that now. He wanted to press charges.

6:19 p.m. To N. Main St. A man reported that he and his wife are going through a divorce and she was served with the papers, which said that neither party could dispose of property until the court could sort things out. He said he saw on social media that his wife was having a garage sale at their home, and observed a truck leave with his bicycle. He was advised that this is a civil issue and was referred to his attorney.

7:35 p.m. To S. Main St. for a report of found property. A store employee said she found some items outside of the store. Among the items were an Ohio driver’s license, social security card, Visa card, insurance card and OSHA work card. Attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful.

Bethel Twp (Miami Co.) Sheriff Reports

Friday 9/16

11:34 a.m. Neighbor complaint in the 5900 block of Rudy Road.

Tuesday 9/20

1:26 a.m. Suspicious person in the 6600 block of S. Dayton Brandt Road. Deputy observed a vehicle pull into a driveway. After several passes, the occupants did not exit the vehicle. After further investigation the driver was charged with DUS, Trespassing and Open Container. The passenger was charged with CCW, Improperly Handling Of A Firearm, Trespassing and Open Container.

Thursday 9/22

9:50 a.m. Fraud reported in the 8700 block of S. State Route 201. RP had been contacted by Sprint over one year ago regarding six new cell phones purchased using his personal information. The RP didn’t purchase nor authorize the purchase. Sprint advised they will take care of the issue and he didn’t need to do anything. The RP is now receiving calls from a collection agency on behalf of Sprint telling him he owes $1184 in overdue Sprint charges. The situation was explained to the collector who suggestion he get a police report on file and they would contact Sprint to get the issue resolved.

Friday 9/23

00:21 a.m. Traffic stop in the area of S. Dayton Brandt and S. State Route 201. Deputy while on routine patrol was behind a vehicle traveling south on Dayton Brandt Road. Near the intersection the deputy observed the brakes lights come on and the front passenger door opened. He observed a silhouette of a person running north along State Route 201. Deputy initiated a traffic stop because the vehicle was still moving when the passenger door opened. Contact was made with the driver Taylor N. Karas and asked who bailed out of the vehicle. Karas said no one and also said she had no idea why she was driving with the passenger door open. After being questioned a couple of times Karas finally admitted that she had a male passenger. Karas was removed from her vehicle and placed in the back seat of the cruiser. After searching the vehicle and immediate area the deputy again spoke with her. Karas stated she had been at a friend’s house and the guy was also there. She was paid to take him to Tim Hortons in Huber Heights and didn’t know him. It took approximately 16 minutes from the time Karas said there was nobody in her vehicle to giving the deputy a nickname and clothing description of the male. Deputies began searching the area of Dayton Brandt north of the stop on foot. While walking between two residents there was a thick tree line. On the north side of the tree line the deputy located a male matching the description. The after being placed into handcuffs the male stated his name was James A. Craft. He was placed into a cruiser and agreed to speak with the deputy. He stated he knew there was a cop behind them and he got nervous, he had a warrant for his arrest for non-support. Craft admitted he should not have run. He also stated that he and Karas had known each other for a year and they hang out together. He also stated she knew is real name and called him “Tink”. Craft said he did not pay her to take him to Tim Hortons. Craft was placed under arrest for obstructing and was transported to the Miami County Jail where he was booked. Karas was cited for obstructing and would be released from the scene. Karas inquired why she was being cited for obstructin; deputy told her because she lied to him which caused a delay in the investigation.