Clayton Allen, of 807 W. Washington St., was charged with trafficking in drugs following an Independence Day traffic stop.

Allen and his passenger were northbound on Osborn Rd. from Lower Valley, and a deputy noticed that both were acting suspiciously.

Allen then pulled the vehicle into a driveway on Osborn Rd. in a reckless fashion. The deputy turned on his overhead lights and the driver and passenger quickly opened the doors and tried to exit. Both were advised to stay in the car.

Allen got back into the vehicle and was moving around inside. He was then told to show his hands and exit the vehicle. He came out, but went back and threw something in the car.

Both Allen and his passenger were handcuffed.

The deputy soon learned that Allen was under several suspensions, so he decided to have the vehicle towed.

While conducting an inventory of the contents, he found two plastic baggies containing a “crystal-like substance.”

Allen was advised that he was under arrest for the suspected drugs, and he said that they were not his, but his passenger’s.

He was advised that he was in control of the vehicle and it was his responsibility to make sure illegal items are not in his vehicle.

He was arraigned on Wednesday morning (July 5), pleaded not guilty and is being held in the Clark County Jail on $50,000 bond.

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