Brittany, Colwell 29, of New Carlisle, OH, assault, guilty, guilty, 10 days of jail with 10 days suspended, 10 days jail susp on no like offenses 1 yr, assessed costs $50.00

Frederick L Hale 48, of New Carlisle, OH, dus, continued, dus- ol forfeiture, continued, failure to control, continued.

Gregory S Hook 40, of New Carlisle, OH, telephone harrassment, guilty, 60 days to pay f/c, fined $150.00

James W Jones 30, of New Carlisle, OH, domestic violence, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact, bond $5,000, assault, innocent, continued.

Angela M Kimmell 47, of New Carlisle, OH, dui reduced to ovi, guilty, 6 months of DL suspension, 3 days of jail, 3 days credit for time served, no als, fined $375.00

Joel R Marvel 31, of New Carlisle, OH, hunt w/o license, guilty, fined $100.00

Lawrence L Marvel 57, of New Carlisle, OH, hunt w/o license, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, 30 days jail susp, no like offenses, 3 year, hunting license ban, forfeit deer meat, wildlife violation, fined $500.00

Logan H Mcfadden 21, of New Carlisle, OH, forgery, dismissed indicted, receiving stolen property, dismissed.

Shane A Ruhe 43, of New Carlisle, OH, unauth. use of vehicle, dismissed, menacing, dismissed.

Justin Dee Vancil 31, of New Carlisle, OH, domestic violence, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact cond of bond, bond $500, assault, innocent, continued.

Shannon M Wiles 39, of New Carlisle, OH, theft, innocent, continued, release on o/r, OR Bond.

Brittney N Allen 30, of Medway, OH, complicity, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $10,000.00

Dallas Lee Coleman 21, of Medway, OH, receiving stolen property, dismissed.

William, Green 33, of Medway, OH, 12 point susp, continued.

Alicia D Swyers 37, of Enon, OH, domestic violence, dismissed prosecutor request.

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