The city expects to be able to open W.

Details are emerging from the search warrants executed on Wednesday morning in the City of New Carlisle, as all five suspects appeared in court Thursday morning.

On January 24, 2018 the Clark County Sheriff's Office executed two separate narcotic search warrants at two locations based on complaints of suspected drug activity reported in the county.

Five people are in jail after the Clark County Sheriff’s Department executed two search warrants in the City of New Carlisle Wednesday morning.

Around 375,000 bushels of corn were in the silo that collapsed on Sunday evening at Miami Valley Feed and Grain Co.

A grain bin at Miami Valley Feed and Grain collapsed Sunday evening spilling more than 200 truckloads of corn across Route 571.

The grain bin at Miami Valley Feed & Grain has collapsed, causing State Route 571 to be closed and leaving close to 50 residents without  power.

What our pioneer ancestors could not make themselves, they bought.

Information Session, Hearing Scheduled Feb.

Three people suffered non-life threatening injuries from a two-car crash at Routes 40 and 571 Sunday afternoon.