Earl Robinson, Jeff Pack & Scott Robinson pictured in the Greenhouse at Meadow View Growers. Peck took over operations of the business on May 1.

After 35 years in the garden center business, Earl Robinson and his family have decided to make some changes at Meadowview Growers located on St Rt 235 in Bethel Township.

The popular garden center has been owned and operated by Robinson, his son Scott, daughters Anne and Brenda and son-in-laws David and Brian. With no interest from the next generation, the family decided it was time to look for a new owner. Advertising the business online brought interest from Jeff Pack who was living in South America and working for a large food company. As he and his wife and seven children contemplated returning to the United States, an opportunity that he had “been preparing for his entire life” appeared with the ad for a new owner of Meadow View Growers (MVG).

When Earl who is a resident of Enon and his son Scott first started the business in a field along the busy road, they had attended an auction and brought everything they could to the site. With a 5,000 square foot three gutter connected structure, some tables, pots and a few other things, they started that first year. Scott was just 22 and he has been working with his dad and family ever since.

The additions just kept coming and the ideas kept coming too. Earl explained that each family member who gets an idea, also gets to see that idea through whether it is a win or not for the business. Now one of the ideas we all remember was the begonia covered Cadillac that used to be parked in Earl’s driveway in Enon. Scott explained that the car wasn’t really able to support the weight so he figured out they need a bigger spring system. The car was replaced by the school bus that spent time in the off season filling up the greenhouse. Scott was sure if that bus appeared around the community in parades and stopped at other events, word of mouth would bring in customers to see what ideas they could bring home.

Throughout the years, the ideas have kept on coming. The location is not only a place to find tropicals, fairy garden plants, annuals, perennials and shrubs, but also a place to see just how far you can take your imagination.

Scott recalled that when they started planting unusual items such as typewriters, old boots and other “junk” people started to not only buy the readymade items, but imitate the ideas at home with what would normally be sent off to the thrift store or trash heap. Today gardeners come from across the Miami Valley to see what is new and take inspiration from the beautiful mixed planters and other garden setting ideas that can be found around the greenhouse areas each year.

As Pack begins his role as the sole owner of the business effective May 1, he will also be able to continue to count on the experience and knowledge that the Robinson family and their loyal employees have created over the years. Earl noted that the family is not going anywhere just now and Scott is still going to be around the various areas watering and helping customers to select and grow plants to enjoy throughout the summer into fall.

Pack has a BS in bio chemistry, an MS in horticulture and a DPM (Doctor of Plant Medicine) which has prepared him to move into this “healthy business”. Pack explained that the DPM literally is a plant doctor degree. Those with the degree look at plant conditions and try to find solutions to a problem whether it be internal or external influences.

He has worked for a large food company in the United States and South America managing food for both humans and animals growing crops to support everyone. He also served as a Professor of Horticulture while in South America working with vegetable production. Although he has never worked with ornamentals, he feels he will be able to not only benefit from the knowledge that Scott and Brenda bring to the table, but also learn from the Robinsons and work toward growing the business for generations to come.

All of the classes, field trips and other events that customers and local residents have come to enjoy will still be available. Pack has no plans to change the business that has been successful for all of these years. “We have creative ideas” said Earl and they are willing to share. When asked what he would like his customers to know, Scott said “come down and see us, we are still here”.

Pack noted that the business will continue to have a team approach and that the valued employees will continue to serve the customers moving forward. It is new ownership, but the tried and true method of doing business in the increasingly popular gardening culture will remain.

Everyone wants the customers to know that they have some great new plants this year. There is a Bloom Bash Tropical Hibiscus pot this year that feathers 3 colors in one pot making it look like one plant with three different colors. Scott explained that the pot has 3 different plants and come in both the bush form and columnar form.

Another popular tropical is the Distant Memory Colocasia (Elephant Ear) that provides support from the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The new petunia is also available that is pink with white polka dots on the flowers. There are a number of new petunias, coleus, begonias and others for your annual garden this year. You can also find a number of new perennials to add to the yard as well.

One of the best selections of over 30 varieties of tomato plants and pepper plants are available now as well.

You can always get advice on your particular garden area and problems you may be experiencing from the staff. The Bloomin Rewards program has also been updated for 2018 and offers even more benefits. And even though the owner has changed, you will still be able to use your gift cards and purchase new ones for gifts throughout the year.

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