Miami County’s Family Abuse Shelter will be getting a new home but in a location different from the originally proposed site in downtown Troy.

The shelter’s leaders said March 27 they signed a contract to buy two acres at 530 Crescent Drive in Troy to serve as the site of its $2.8 million project.

An existing building on the land will be renovated and new space constructed to help meet the shelter’s need for more space for the women and children dealing with homelessness and domestic violence.

The shelter, located on East Franklin Street, originally planned to expand its current operations at the Franklin House to a new building to be constructed on shelter-owned land to the east. The plan included the proposed demolition of the 1830s Trinity Episcopal Church building, owned by the shelter and home to The Barbel Adkins Education and Activity Center.

The proposal ran into opposition from a group of historical organizations who formed the Unity for Trinity Committee to urge the shelter’s board to save the church structure.

Barb Holman, shelter director, and Ruth Jenkins, a long-time board member, said they were excited by the opportunities offered by the new location for constructing all shelter space on one floor, adding parking and providing a play area for children at the shelter.

“The purchase will expand the shelter’s ability to continue the tradition of providing safe emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and homelessness,” the shelter said in a short statement March 27. “This opportunity will allow for renovation of an existing building, addition of new housing space, off street parking and green space.”

The Unity for Trinity Committee said it was happy to hear about the purchase.

“The Unity for Trinity Committee is very pleased that the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County has considered other locations for an expansion of its services and is in the process of purchasing property that could meet its needs well into the future,” the Unity for Trinity Committee said in a statement. “While several steps lie ahead, we are more hopeful than ever that this can ultimately be a ‘win-win’ for both the shelter and for historic preservation in downtown Troy,” the committee said.

The shelter will continue to use the Franklin House and the education center while it continues raising money for the project, finalizes design and builds. “Once we get there (new location) and get moved, we will have the board decide step two with our buildings,” Holman said.

Shelter representatives earlier said they thought the best location to meet their needs was next to The Franklin House downtown. A few weeks ago, however, Holman confirmed alternate locations were being explored.

“We were only going to (change plans) if we found something that met our needs,” Holman said March 27. Several locations were proposed by area real estate agents before the Crescent Drive site was discussed and plans for using the site initiated.

“This is one we felt will provide us some opportunities,” Holman said. “We are excited about this location,” Jenkins added.

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