A grain bin at Miami Valley Feed and Grain collapsed Sunday evening spilling more than 200 truckloads of corn across Route 571.

Neighbors reported hearing a series of loud explosions around 11:30 Sunday night followed by a loud “swooshing” sound.

“We believe this was a collapse of the structure,” said New Carlisle Fire Chief Steve Trusty. He said the explosion sound was likely caused by the transformers blowing.

The cause of the collapse is not known at this time. Nor is there a plan of attack on cleaning up the mess. “It’s going to be the owner’s responsibility,” said Trusty.

One ODOT employee on the scene expressed concern over what might be under all of the corn. “I hope nobody is under that,” he said.

DP&L and AT&T crews were on scene assessing the damage.

Chief Trusty released the fire crews on the scene, many of whom had been there all night. “Go back to the station, fuel the trucks, return with a 3-man crew and everyone else get some rest,” he said.

Route 571 will be closed for the duration.

We will keep you updated as things progress.


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