On November 25, the New York Times published a story about Tony Hovater, a New Carlisle resident. Hovater is also a self-avowed White Nationalist.

There was little outcry among New Carlisle residents.

Then a group calling themselves “Socialists of Dayton” published a Facebook post giving Hovater’s home address.

The post stated, “We have to let him know that we are watching his every move. There is no room for such blatant intolerance, racism, sexism and xenophobia.”

It also stated that he was a cook at the 571 Grill and urged people to call the business and ask that he be “fired immediately for acting as such a risk to the community.”

“I fired him this morning,” said 571 Grill owner Tim Juday in an interview Monday afternoon.

Juday said that he was not aware of Hovater’s political beliefs. He said that he was had a lot of phone calls as a result of this article and that it was affecting his business.

“We didn’t bring this to our business,” said Juday. “Tony brought it.” Juday said it was a tough decision. “It was affecting our business and our livelihood,” Juday sad.

He said Hovater said that he understood if Juday needed to terminate him.

“People with unacceptable viewpoints are trying to be pushed into mainstream political discourse,” said Elias Dickinson, the webmaster for the Socialists of Dayton Facebook page. “We have to let White Nationalists know that they can’t advocate their views and not expect public outcry.”

He said his group called for Hovater’s firing to “let it be known that hatred won’t be tolerated.”

That post was also shared on a New Carlisle Facebook page, and there was a firestorm of responses, most questioning the wisdom of the Socialists’ post.

“So we have a socialist calling a socialist out interesting,” said one poster. “I never could figure why Nazis are said to be far right when the Nazis were the National Socialist Party of Germany.”

Another person posted, “I may hate everything this guy spouts and believes in but this is the country of freedom of speech and choices.”

There were also a number of posts trashing Hovater with all types of vulgarity.

The Socialists of Dayton Facebook page has a photo of people holding flags from the former USSR.

We asked Dickinson if he thought Hovater was a threat to the community. He paused for several minutes, then said that Hovater may not be a threat, but many who believe as he does are a threat. He cited Charlotesville VA as an example.

Dickinson stressed that he didn’t want anyone to hurt Hovater or damage his property. “It’s a preventative measure,” he said.

After the Socialists were notified that Hovater had been fired from the 571 Grill, they posted, “the 571 Grill and Bar stood for righteousness and terminated Tony Hovater’s employment. When we come together and use our collective voice we can shut down Fascism!”

Attempts to contact Hovater were unsuccessful.

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