This car was damaged when it struck a deer on N. Dayton-Lakeview Rd.

A chain reaction accident on Medway-Carlisle Rd. on Friday afternoon caused damage to four vehicles.

According to witnesses, traffic was backed up on Medway-Carlisle at the stop sign at Milton-Carlisle. The driver of a Ford Pickup stated that his coffee cup fell to the floor, he kicked it with his foot, and it became lodged under the brake pedal. He said that this prevented him from stopping in time for the traffic stopped in front of him and he struck a white Nissan.

The impact knocked the white Nissan into a light blue Nissan, and it in turn struck a white Chrysler. All four vehicles received moderate to serious damage.

Bethel Twp. Fire officials reported that there were no serious injuries.

About 15 minutes later, a vehicle struck a deer on N. Dayton-Lakeview in the vicinity of R. D. Holder Oil Co. The force of the impact popped the air bags in the vehicle.

An elderly passenger was so rattled by the collision that she was transported to Miami Valley Hospital for observation.

The vehicle suffered moderate damage. The deer, described as a “good sized buck,” fled the scene.

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Four vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction crash on Medway-Carlisle Rd. Friday afternoon

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