New Carlisle voters returned an appointed council member and elected two new ones.

According to unofficial results from the Clark County Board of Elections, Aaron Leighty, Bill Cook and Chris Shamy were elected to the New Carlisle City Council.

“I want to thank the citizens for electing me, and it’s time to get to work,” said Shamy. He ran for city council to be “a voice of the people.”

“I'm humbled and excited to continue to work for our great city,” said Leighty. He was appointed to council on January 23 to fill the seat vacated by Lowell McGlothin. McGlothin resigned after being elected as Clark County Commissioner.

“I am thrilled Issue 4 failed. These next 4 years I hope we can work together to fight the state and change where our tax dollars go,” Leighty added. He also congratulated all newly elected officials.

“I wish to thank all of the citizens of New Carlisle for their votes,” said Cook. He has served on a number of city committees in the past. “I also want to thank all of the city employees who gave of their time and help on issue #4.”

Ronald Cobb came in only six votes behind Chris Shamy. He was unsure whether or not he would ask for a recount.