Sunday’s heavy rains caused flooding of many roadways in the area.

Bethel Township Fire Department was rescuing residents of Tillie Lane from their flooded homes. One firefighter told us that water was several feet deep in some of the homes.

Route 40 was closed at Tillie Lane, with water at least 1½ feet deep on the roadway.

There is a small culvert under Rt. 40 just west of Tillie Lane, and it became a raging torrent from runoff from the fields.

The firefighter said that the water was receding, and expected to be able to open Route 40 soon.

Power outages were reported in Medway, Park Layne and Donnelsville.

Several other roads were closed Sunday evening:

  • Route 571 between Rt. 40 and Musselman Road – high water. One vehicle was trapped, and a deputy in an SUV rescued the occupants.
  • Funston Ave. between Main St. and Scott St. Water was at least a foot deep
  • Palmer Rd. between Rt. 235 and the county line – water was more than a foot deep.

We found other roads that had very high water:

  • Milton-Carlisle Rd. between 571 and Funderburg Rd. – About 3” deep
  • Medway-Carlisle Rd. between Rt. 40 and Kendig Rd. – about 5” deep
  • Bischoff Rd. just north of Rt. 40
  • Kennison, Drake & Rawson

Some roads with high water that were reported to us:

  • Milton-Carlisle Rd. at Free Rd.
  • Rt. 235 just south of Ballentine
  • Rt. 201 at Bethel High School
  • Rt. 40 west of 201

The rain was expected to taper off early Monday morning.


Funston Ave. between Main St. and Scott St.