1st Linden Hill Academy 1854The school interest of the citizens of the village of New Carlisle were of paramount importance and thus well cared for from its very founding.

The Donnelsville Town Park containing approximately six acres was once known as Headly Park.

On Thursday October 22, 2015, over a dozen local residents gathered to hear Scott Suther deliver a presentation on the National Road through Clark and Miami Counties.

Silver Lake PhotoSilver Lake is referred to as a Kettle Lake, created as the last glaciers left Ohio, more than 10,000 years ago.

In January 1971 Jerry and Nancy (Sheehan) Neff thought it would be fun to raise flower and vegetable plants at their home to sell at Nancy’s parents’ farm on Gerlaugh Road where her brother sold fresh produce to the public.

File4 Before 1950 the areas of Medway and Crystal Lakes was protected by the Bethel Township Fire Department, which was located in New Carlisle.

New Carlisle Police Department The 1958 New Carlisle Police force.

William Sohio At the northeast corner of the intersection of Route 40 and Route 69 (now 235) was the location of William’s Sohio.

100 0911 On March 11, 1886, land was purchased from Silas Trumbo by the trustees of the Church of Brethren in Christ or River Brethren to build a church.

The above photo is of the dedication ceremony for Henslee Park.

The great-great grandsons of the only Confederate soldier buried in Medway Cemetery honored their ancestor last week by placing a headstone upon his grave—the first marker to ever grace his final resting place since his death 98 years ago.

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