On September 3, 1937, a chain of events was set into motion that would ultimately claim the lives of six men. On September 2, 1937, Harry Chapman of

In 1938, Norman and Theresa Morris opened a small automotive repair and scrap part shop on South Pike Street. It was located approximately where the

trolley car barnjpgThe car barn at Medway was located just east of the powerhouse.  It was built in 1900 out of brick with a dimension of 60 feet deep by 200 feet

The year was 1976. Laverne and Shirley made their television debut, Ted Turner became CEO of the Atlanta Braves, Stephen Wozniak and Steve Jobs

The first storm in a system that caused the Great Dayton Flood began on Good Friday, 1913, with the heavy rains starting on Easter Sunday, March 23.

NC Cemetery 0311 001Former slave was well-loved New Carlisle resident. When New Carlisle Historical Society member Dave McWhorter comes to me with a historical story

Stoney Ridge homeIn 1929 Joseph E. and Lulu McAdams purchased the adjoining farms of Pearl Forgy and Charles F. Shearer for the purpose of laying out a country estate.

“Buddy, that’s a train!” my good friend Jackie Ritchie exclaimed two summers ago as we paddled our kayaks down the Mad River during one of our

James W. Norma J. Burns School Bus 1938I had the pleasure of talking with Jim Burns on April 5, 2008 about growing up in the area. I had a photo album with me with different things around

Grave 007Berry Tells the Tale of Albert Frantz and Bessie Little A grave lies cold in a secluded cemetery off of Studebaker Road, bearing the earthly remains

A Google alert recently notified our editor of an historic photograph depicting several men sitting around at a farm auction. With input from local

J & J Frostop was located at the northwest corner of Route 40 and 235. It was owned by James Marshall and Jerry Pangallo with Jerry managing the


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