There is a new face peering out from behind the steering wheel of the familiar Sheriff’s cruiser patrolling Bethel Township (Twp.). Its owner is Deputy Sheriff (D.S.) Nick Anderson, the new Bethel Township Deputy

D.S. Anderson was hired by the Bethel Township Trustees to fill the position vacated by D.S. Gary Cox, who was promoted to the rank of Major upon Deb Burchett’s election to Clark County Sheriff in Nov., 2016.

Anderson says he grew up in Clark County and enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, and camping. As a youth, he attended Shawnee High School and worked for a landscaping company at the same time. However, Anderson showed a penchant for public service early on. He decided to attend Clark State Community College’s Fire Academy during his senior year of high school and became certified as a Level 1 Firefighter.

After graduating from Shawnee in 2005, Anderson stopped landscaping and worked full time for Ohio Edison. He also went on to follow in his family’s footsteps and became a Volunteer Firefighter for Springfield Twp. He eventually completed his Level II Fire Training and became certified in Swift Water Rescue. But Anderson’s career path was soon to change yet again.

Anderson decided to go back to Clark State Community College in 2007 and enrolled in the college’s evening Police Academy program while he still continued to work full-time for Ohio Edison. Upon his successful completion of the Police Academy program, D.S. Anderson says he was hired to work in the Jail Division by the Clark County Sheriff’s Department in January, 2008.

He also trained to become a certified Firearms Instructor for the Department.

In 2012, D.S. Anderson was transferred to the Clark County Sheriff Department’s 2nd Road Patrol Division where he worked both second and third shifts before being hired on as the Bethel Township Deputy Sheriff.

D.S. Anderson says he was drawn to the Bethel Twp. assignment because he, “Wanted to work in a division where (he) could focus on public relations and also to give the citizens a sense of security.”

“I would like to see cleaner, safer streets for all residents in Bethel Township,” says D.S. Anderson. He says he does not plan on doing the work alone though, and intends to partner with other deputies and law enforcement agencies to fight the ongoing issue of illegal drugs in the local area.

At the end of the day, D.S. Anderson says his work in Bethel Township will be all about public service and making the Sheriff’s Department accessible for residents while he also continues the work towards making Bethel Township a safe place for residents to live, work, and grow.

“I am looking forward to forming positive relations with the Sheriff’s Office and the community while serving Bethel Township,” says D.S. Anderson.

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