The recent overhaul in the Clark County Sheriff’s Office due to the election of a new sheriff means Deputy Gary Cox is leaving the streets of Bethel Township (Twp.) to take on the new responsibilities of a Major. Major Cox will oversee Clark County’s jail and the Sheriff’s Office’s everyday operations.

Deputy Cox was sworn in as a Major under Sheriff-Elect Deb Burchett on Dec. 28. Cox has exclusively served Bethel Twp. as part of the township’s contract with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Although he will no longer be serving the Bethel Twp. community in the capacity he has in the past, Major Cox explains his dedication to serving the community remains strong.

“(My) job title has changed, but serving the community has not. My goal is to continue to connect with people (with) pride, care, and professionalism while remembering where I started.”

Major Cox says he has especially appreciated the day-to-day connections he was able to make with the community during his tenure as Bethel Twp.’s deputy.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the residents and businesses in the community. The connection made is a lasting bond between both of us. Bethel Township is a special place. All you have to do is look around and see the support. I will miss it, but I am not leaving the county, I am only going downtown. (I will still retain contact) with the residents, schools, and businesses.”

Major Cox is enthusiastic about the prospect of serving on the administrative staff of the first new sheriff Clark County has had in nearly 30 years. He is particularly excited about the changes he sees coming to the Sheriff’s Office under his new boss.

“(The administrative staff) is very excited to be a part of and share the same ideas as Sheriff Burchett. We all have a drive to repair the issues within the Sheriff’s Office. For years we have lived in fear of the iron fist and inconsistencies in discipline. Sheriff Burchett (has) illustrated her vision (of) a new administration that would stand behind her people...a (Sheriff’s) department with no ill will and a department who owns their failures. Sheriff Burchett is the neighbor next door and a sheriff who cares for all people, including her own personnel.”

Major Cox stresses why he believes it is important for communities like Bethel Township to have their own deputy, “The township deputy is able to connect directly with the people where information is exchanged about (where) problems and crimes develop.”

Bethel Twp. Trustee, Don Minton, expresses how much the township will miss having Major Cox patrolling its streets, “We will miss him greatly. (Major Cox) has been instrumental in the fight against drug dealers and crime in our area. He’s personable and he takes his job seriously. He has done everything he can to make Bethel Township safe, and we appreciate him for that.”

As Bethel Township’s deputy, Major Cox helped bust one of Clark County’s largest heroin suppliers in November of 2014.

As he prepares to take on the responsibilities of his new job, Major Cox thanks Bethel Twp. for allowing him to work as its deputy and says he believes he has accomplished the goals he set for himself while serving Bethel Township.

“My goal was to carry myself as (both) a citizen and authoritative figure. I remained diligent towards the feelings of others and reminded myself we are not their judge. I believe I am leaving Bethel Township with a respectful impression of what a law enforcement officer should be.”

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