The State of Ohio recognizes that the cost of going back to school can be overwhelming for families and they are once again offering some help by allowing purchases of “school items” to be tax free for the first weekend in August.

This offer applies to anyone who is purchasing the following items giving even those without children in school the opportunity to save a little on things they use every day.

Clothing items priced at under $75 are tax exempt. This includes shoes, socks, tops, jackets, pants, jeans and even your delicate items. You can also buy shoelaces and insoles without paying tax. Gloves, hats, belts, suspenders, neckties, scarves, lab coats, bathing suits, baby clothing and diapers also count in this tax free Ohio holiday.

School supplies priced under $20 are also included in the tax exempt list. Not only is back to school a good time to stock up on crayons, glue sticks and notebooks, but it is a great time to purchase markers and pens for stocking stuffers and other things like kids party SWAG bags. The prices are lower than at any other time of the year and you won’t pay taxes. You should note that the item must be priced at $20 or under, not your total purchase.

You can find more info at Everyone can take advantage of this opportunity to stock up and to save a little on your clothing budget this year even if it is for necessities.

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