The Miami County Board of Elections certified the results of the Nov. 7 election Monday, Nov. 20, after reviewing provisional ballots and running the final count.

Luke Scott, deputy elections director, said the additional ballots did not change any election outcomes, none of the races qualified for an automatic recount and no recounts had yet been requested. Candidates have 10 days to request a recount that would be done at their expense.

Of 144 provisional ballots cast on Election Day, eight were rejected primarily because the person filling out the ballot was not registered to vote or was registered in another state.

Following the vote certification, board members discussed Election Day and any concerns such as the need for more parking in at least one location and complaints heard about moving polling places from Ginghamsburg Church to The Avenue on the church property. Although election staff said signs were posted directing voters to the new location, board members said they receive complaints from people saying they should have receive official notification.

Board member Audrey Gillespie said she heard about training issues at some polling locations and noted there would be more poll worker training before next year’s gubernatorial race.

The board approved the final numbers in these local races:

Tipp City Schools Board of Education:

Corine Doll: 1,612

Joellen Heatherly: 1,578

Eric Windeknecht: 1,184

Frank Maus: 1,158

Doll and Heatherly were elected.

Bethel Local School District Board of Education:

Danny Elam Jr.: 1,180

Julie Reese: 1,034

Jacob King: 892

Jennifer Evans: 723

Chase Heck: 541

Joseph Solch: 469

Brian Moore: 462

P. Scott Hawthorn: 418

Elam, Reese and King were elected.

In the only countywide issue, the Miami County Park District levy was approved by an official vote of 13,670 to 8,960.

The Bethel Township renewal levy was approved 893 to 630.

And, in the uncontested race for Tipp City Council, Katelyn Berbach received 1,353 votes; Joe Gibson, 1,283; and Frank Scenna, 1,171. No candidate sought a fourth seat on council. As a result, council will accept applications for that seat and make an appointment after the first of the year.

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