After being publicly antagonized and even more passionately defended, with its fate hanging precariously in the balance at one point in time, the New

“It’s not ‘My’ department, it’s ‘Our’ department,” stresses Steve Trusty as he answers questions about his first six months serving as New Carlisle’s

The City of New Carlisle recently purchased a new police cruiser for deputies assigned to the city. The 2016 four-door Ford Explorer will join the

New Carlisle City Council passed a resolution establishing non-smoking zones in the City’s parks. The resolution prohibits tobacco use (including

New Carlisle City Manager Randy Bridge informed City Council that he had planned on introducing an ordinance to allow for the sale of the Twin Creeks

3Former City Council member Barry Kilburn addressed City Council on the deplorable condition of a home on Madison St. across from the old school. “The

The New Carlisle Fire Department received the grant from FM Global, a commercial property insurer. “We provide the grants as an investment in the

New Carlisle City Council was presented a resolution banning smoking in City parks. The resolution was not approved by Council. The only members

New Carlisle City Council announced Monday night that residents will see changes in town reflecting the city’s adherence to a Creating Healthy

Members of Girl Scout Troop 30630 addressed the New Carlisle City Council Monday evening seeking permission to begin a book exchange, sometimes called

fun at the pool CMYK copy Generous donations from past and present New Carlisle residents have raised more than $1,000 in support of the New Carlisle swimming pool since a Go

Like so many cities of its size, New Carlisle has various recreational parks and pocket parks scattered across the 2.5 miles within the city limits.

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