New Carlisle City Council passed an ordinance transferring $71,100 from the General Fund to the Street Fund.

City Finance Director Colleen Harris presented City Council with a report showing that the pool has shown a profit of over $4000 as of the end of August.

City Manager Randy Bridge informed City Council at their meeting Monday evening that the sale of the Twin Creeks properties is almost complete.

Clerk of Council Gene Collier will not certify the “sufficiency and validity” of the tax petition to the Board of Elections.

City Manager Randy Bridge informed city council that the contract with Waste Management is due to expire.

Petitions for tax credits were presented to Clerk of City Council Gene Collier on July 26.

Fire Chief Steve Trusty told City Council that he has hired nine more employees for the Fire Department, 7 of whom are from the local area.

Frank Kohstall, Deputy Director of Public Affairs for the Ohio Treasurer’s office told council that the program went live in September, 2015, and since that time 360 local governments have participated.

The new playground at Smith Park is officially open!

During the months of July and August, the New Carlisle Water Works and Fire Department will be flushing fire hydrants in the city.

City Manager Randy Bridge told council at their Thursday work session that the City’s financial situation is much better than it has been in years.

Clark County Health Commissioner Dr.