Our landscapes are changing. Many of you are seeing the problem Colorado Spruce is having in this part of the country. They are dying by the thousands

A tiny news piece came across my desk the same day a photograph of a horse was given to me. They made me think of the television show Mr. Ed. The show

Memphis is an approx 5 year old pit mix who weighs 75 pounds. He is vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, rabies vaccinated, heartworm negative and

It is hopefully going to be spring soon, and it is time for cleaning out all the clutter from the winter. It is amazing all the things that we

Dear members of council and Mr. Bridge, I was unable to attend the most recent council meeting, but I hope you'll accept this email in lieu of any

Alvin is an approx 18 month old pit mix who weighs 44 pounds. He is vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, rabies vaccinated, heartworm negative and

Modern Moons March is always full of potential. Warmer air currents move across Ohio in a southwest to northeast pattern more frequently, drawing up

Is there life after death? Almost everyone will say that there is. Believing in life after death is both comforting and disturbing. It is comforting

On television police shows the patrol officer pulls a violator over and exclaims, “License, registration and insurance please.” Not in Ohio, that has

Phenology is the study of recurring biological phenomena and their relationship to weather. Bird migration, blooming of wildflowers and trees, are

It’s a love-hate relationship with this vegetable that goes crunch. Just look online under “why do people hate celery?” A 2011 Japanese survey showed

Sallie and Haley are approx 8 & 10 year old rottweiler mixes who weigh 90 pounds. They are vaccinated, dewormed, spayed, rabies vaccinated, and


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