Now that we have covered 3 out of the 4 major categories of plants and their unique pruning issues we’ll discuss working with the evergreen family. We

The idea behind the Tip Of The Week articles is to inform the reader of laws, police related matters and how to handle certain emergencies.  This

January is the back and forth month. One day we look back at something that was of interest in 2014 and another day we look forward to something

Like many situations in horticulture or gardening there are some things we need to keep in mind when we try to keep our flowering shrubs like

When I was being asked about the equipment a police officer carries, invariably the first item of inquiry is the gun.  It is forbidden to show

A reader sent a request to me for clarification of an earlier article I wrote concerning yellow signs, signals and pavement markings.  Apparently

Will 2015 be a better year? It can be frightening to look at the future. Anything can happen and many of the things that can happen are not pleasant

Since we’re beginning a new gardening year let’s consider a few resolutions for 2015. (We’ll continue the Pruning Series next week.) There are a few

When one is “pretty sure” one knows where one is going-it’s best to have a map. In this gadget-filled world there would only need to be a few entries

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