August, 2017 Modern Moons There is only one thing everyone is talking about this month: the total solar eclipse due on August 21.

Modern Moons Cold nights-warm days are what April is all about.

Modern Moons March is always full of potential.

Modern Moons Cold air swirls southward from Canada on a regular basis this month.

Modern Moons December is known as the first of three winter months.

Modern Moons Early November evenings find us looking out on bare fields, glimpsing a herd of deer as they make for the far tree line and wondering if we should cover late bloomers and lettuce in case frost comes creeping over the land under the cover of darkness.

Modern Moons There is an old saying: The south wind warms the aged.

Modern Moons Last month’s extraordinarily hot days found our summer crackling apart like ice cubes hitting the tepid sun tea in our glasses.

Modern Moons After July’s ending heat wave, we look at August’s 80 degree days and believe it to be cooling down for autumn.

Modern Moons Here on the edge of tomorrow, we spend the hour before midnight gazing at the July sky.

Modern Moons Weather gauges have been used for centuries to get a handle on what’s going on in the sky above the earth.

Modern Moons Grandfather Greengate used to say May in Ohio is just about as good as it gets anywhere.

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