The changing temperatures and cooler days that are sprinkled among the warm days, is an advantage. This gives us more time to make some of the applications of chemicals that will make taking care of our landscape and gardens easier later in the year. Cooler temperatures delay the development of not only flowers and growth but also some of the pests. This means we have more time to get some of the pre-emergence weed control products applied. When we get enough cool weather this will also cause our fruiting plants to bloom a little later and therefore be less likely to be damaged by a late frost. Another favorable thing is we have a little longer to apply the pre-emergence weed preventers like Crabgrass Control on our lawns. So no more procrastinating, get these helpful tools working so your gardening is easier this year. Remember, however, a few warm days and it will quickly change where we are with plant and pest development and we will be further ahead of schedule than we currently are.

Another favorable thing cool weather provides is when flowers do appear they stay with us longer. Flowers will last for several days longer and many times the spring color is spread over a longer period of time, when the weather remains cool, instead of just about everything seemingly blooming at one time.

So what can we be doing now? There are a few things that we can do before planting season is here.

Freshen up the mulch on your flower beds,

Be ready with your tiller when the soil conditions are right for working the soil, there is always a break in the weather, be looking for this opportunity if you haven’t already been able to get your tilling done. Have your OM on hand so you can get it incorporated and be ready to plant later,

It is the perfect time to plant perennials, shrubs and trees,

Once our early blooming shrubs have finished flowering, prune them, if they need some touching up. If we do this pruning as soon as they are finished blooming we will improve flowering next year,

Get your Preen on the flower beds once you have the spring clean-up completed, applying it before mulching works well.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the season, you deserve it after our crazy winter!

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