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The spring season brings a ‘FEVER” to do some planting in our yards and gardens. Many times this includes “key” trees and shrubs that will be with us long into the future, hopefully decades. Let’s be sure we follow some basic principles that will give us a good chance at long term success.

There are a few things we need to remember when we begin to think about locating plantings that are permanent. Trees especially, are going to grow rather large and we want them to be able to mature naturally. When evergreen trees are located strategically they will provide barriers that can reduce energy costs by

blocking cold winter winds

provide privacy or

give us shade during the summer, keeping the A/C unit off.

If you are using a qualified landscape designer or landscape architect they will be sure the location of your major plants are placed so they can mature without restriction and provide the most benefit. If you are doing the planning yourself be sure to consider all the surroundings that will affect the maturity of your major plants in the landscape. Paying attention to power lines and other utilities is critical for unrestricted growth and maturity of the trees you are planting. It is so unfortunate to learn that after growing your plants for a decade or two that it is necessary to start hacking up a mature plant because we did not consider what the mature height would be in relation to the surroundings of the plant. Take a look at the photo to see an example of what happens when we fail to consider all the restrictions that can have an effect on the mature size of the tree. We all know how fast 5 or 10 years can go by and this is just about the time that our “newly” planted landscape, that we are installing this year, will really be maturing. Let’s not create problems now that may come back to haunt us when our plants are performing so well and are doing just what we planned.

It makes little sense to purchase a tree because it has beautiful fall foliage or great flowers and plant it without regard to how large it will become. If you are not familiar with the characteristics of the plants you are getting ready to purchase then it is important to do some research or make your purchases from a nursery or garden center who can provide good information so you will not only buy the right variety but you will plant them in the proper location for shade and with enough area to mature without harsh pruning.

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