Many people, if they count their blessings at all on Thanksgiving Day, may feel that they don’t have much to be thankful for. Maybe things haven’t

I was not aware of it in high school, but I was training to be a warrior in my adult life. Being a warrior is not just about training with weapons and

It is necessary to mention one thing before we get into the “weeds”. It is VERY DRY and it is critically important that we keep watering our landscape

After salt rising bread, corn cob jelly was the next experiment. Three lovely jars sit on the shelf, waiting for winter toast. Sometimes success can

We would like to recommend to our fellow citizens of New Carlisle, Bethel Township and the surrounding area to cast their vote in support of the

Modern Moons Early November evenings find us looking out on bare fields, glimpsing a herd of deer as they make for the far tree line and wondering if

Now that the price of eggs is back down to earth, cool weather suppers can take on a whole different dimension. For many, eggs are not just a

Sometime during the last month or about this time of year is when many gardeners think their evergreens- spruce, pines and arborvitaes are dying.

With the election being upon us, perhaps a few words on political activity by police officers as for what is allowed. It is a common misunderstanding

Did you know that there are 2 conditions that kill more plants than all the bugs put together that attack our plants? We talk more about these two

Recently I was asked about an arrest/traffic citation by an off duty officer. Asking for more information the facts were that an off duty officer

The apostle Paul told a young Christian named Timothy to continue in what he had learned because he knew those who taught him. Timothy had learned

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